FallFall is just days away, and now is as good of a time as ever to plan your autumn adventures. A wide variety of possible activities await you, so here are five tips to consider when planning fall fun.

1. Under-schedule yourself and your household. Place a “hold” on at least one 24-hour period so nothing gets scheduled during that time. Then use that day and night for quiet and reflection, or for an activity that inspires you. It’s okay to be thrilled about under-scheduling yourself.

2. Jot down your top three favorite autumn activities. Then plan accordingly. If a visit to an apple orchard is right up your alley, make a note of it. If hay mazes or pumpkin patches make your heart sing, carve out time for those adventures.

3. Look into the seasonal festivities happening around town. Several cities and schools offer fall family fun that may greatly entertain you and yours.

4. Fall foliage. Enjoy it while on a hike, walk, picnic, or photography adventure. Enjoy it with a friend, with the family, or solo.

5. Take time to get acquainted with your local library’s offerings before winter arrives. Bonus points if you keep an ongoing list of books you can’t wait to enjoy.

Wishing you amazing autumn adventures!

* Photo by chappy14

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