Part Two of a three-part series about some of the many resources available at your local public library.

LibraryI’ve never really understood why the library gets a bit of a bad wrap…why it’s sometimes associated with being boring. I probably can’t fathom this because I have always been a bit of a library nerd. As a child, I loved being part of my local library’s summer reading program. In first grade, I recall being thrilled every time I put a gold star next to my name on the reading chart after finishing another book. Sure, I joked alongside my friends about the Phonics exercises we did in elementary school, but I was inwardly thrilled whenever my siblings and I stopped off at the library on our way home from school.

And now the library is better than ever. As you probably know, many local libraries now offer free passes for local museums and cultural facilities. All you have to do is check out the passes the way you would a book, returning them within the allotted time period (usually 24 hours). If you’re looking to visit the aquarium, history museum, children’s discovery center, or another popular attraction in your neck of the woods this summer, first find out whether your local library offers free passes. You’ll save some denero, and you can stop off at your library to pick-up said passes, some good reads, and a free DVD for family movie night. Win, win, win.

Summer is a great time to check-out your local library and all that it has to offer. If your local library offers unique passes to activities in your neck of the woods, we’d love to hear about the adventures the passes made possible for you and your family.

* Photo by Ted Cabanes

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