Part Three of a three-part series about some of the many resources available at your local public library.

Library StacksSubscriptions to magazines and research software are often the keys to discovering new information about a field of interest. Name a topic and there’s likely a publication or software program that will enlighten you further on this subject of interest. And these resources are beautifully organized for you – and available for free – at your local library.

A few months ago, the hubster and I were in the market for a washer and dryer. We were thrilled to pay a visit to our local library. Within 30 seconds of arriving at the reference desk, the reference librarian invited us to peruse the most recent edition of Consumer Reports that compared washers and dryers. I should say here that I think Consumer Reports is a fine magazine. It’s reputable. It’s known for its strong product testing and clearly stated results. While I was grateful to take a gander at the information presented about my new favorite appliances, I didn’t want to run out and obtain my own subscription to this publication. And that’s where my local library came in. It provided the information that I needed without requiring me to purchase a subscription that I would not use very often. And, because everything is organized in a most specific manner at your local library, your reference librarians can help you find what you seek with relative ease.

Anyone who reads this blog with even slight regularity knows that I’m oh, so grateful for my subscription to Real Simple Magazine. The tips and information in this magazine’s glossy pages of wonder teach me new things all the time, helping me to better express my own version of organizational bliss. I love this topic area so much that I’ve elected to subscribe to said magazine. And that’s where your local library comes in. You may not yet be a Real Simple subscriber. But in a matter of moments, you could hop down the street to your local library and open these glossy pages of wonder. You’ll get the same information that I look forward to receiving every month. And you’ll get it for free. Sure, you can’t take it home with you – but you can get the information you seek and quench your thirst for all things logistical, organizational, and wonderful.

In my humble opinion, subscriptions can open doors to new perspectives, expansive thought patterns, and reputable appliances. And these doors can be opened for free, thanks to the treasure trove of resources available at your local library. This weekend, take a few moments to get out of the humidity and hot temperatures and make good use of the magazine subscriptions and pricey research software that are yours for free just around the corner. The librarians will be happy to help, and I think you’ll be pleased with your adventure. Who knows what you’ll learn? Perhaps you will even be inspired to start a blog…if you do, let us know.

* Photo by gtamin