During this last full week of August, it’s okay to be thrilled about enjoying summer fun after a busy workday. Humidity and hot temperatures will be a distant memory in a few months and now is as good of a time as ever to embrace summer to the fullest.

Part Two of a three-part series.

Summer SunsetFollowing are three outdoor activities you may wish to include in your post-work adventures this week:

  • Plop yourself in a meadow, field, park, or your backyard and gaze at the stars and the darkening sky. What a peaceful way to enjoy a summer evening. Citronella candle is optional.
  • Do some gardening or yard work during twilight. Watering flowers, light weeding, or general yard clean-up can be peaceful activities. If  you’re an urban dweller with no yard in sight, take time out to enjoy a local park. Bonus points if you bring a bag to clean-up litter found on your path.
  • Attend an outdoor concert, street festival, farmers’ market, or fair.


* Photo by lonewolfsh

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