PromThe hubster and I were recently at a local diner when four high school girls sat down at the table next to us. After they ordered their fruit plates (with a side of french fries), they proceeded to spend the rest of the evening giggling about the “cuteness factor” of the 20-something waiter overseeing our section of the restaurant. Prom-related comments came up, too. I wasn’t trying to listen to their conversation, but they were sitting just inches from us and laughing and talking at full decibel. Their lively conversation got me thinking about prom and the opportunity I embraced several years ago when I donated my prom dresses to a deserving organization so they could be enjoyed by someone else.

Prom is a unique event, to say the least. Some movies portray it as being theeeee highlight of one’s high school experience. Some individuals loved their prom experience, others did not, and for some, it was the ultimate “right of passage” before high school graduation.

I’m somewhat surprised that in this age of text messaging and Facebook, the longstanding tradition of prom still seems quite important to some high school students. From the conversation near me at the diner, it was clear that dresses, shoes, dates, and corsages were a big deal to those girls. A very big deal! And that’s why I’m grateful for organizations like and The Cinderella Project, among others, that encourage women throughout the United States to donate their gently worn prom and formal dresses for those who cannot afford them. These groups make it possible for girls who might not otherwise be able to pay for a prom dress to wear a beautiful gown while experiencing a well-deserved night out with their classmates.

Looking to free up space in your closet – or know someone who’s doing a closet clean-out this spring? Donate gently used formal wear to a deserving organization, and you could be the fairy godmother who makes prom night magical for a deserving high school student in just a few weeks!

* Photo by Jan Sundstedt

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