Plate Fork and SpoonMost of us have things that we’re saving for a “special occasion.” These items could be china, silver, a fancy outfit, an expensive perfume, or any number of other things. “Special occasion” treats are often used sparingly because we set them aside for some unknown future event that may or may not happen tomorrow, in the next three months, in two years, or ever. But there’s nothing like a bright new season to help us freshen our approach to daily life!

Spring arrived in full (albeit slightly chilly) glory this past Sunday. And while doing a bit of house cleaning that afternoon, I noted that I rarely use a beautiful glass vase that adorns one of our bookshelves. It’s quite striking and it’s a lovely room decoration. And when I asked myself why I never use it to hold flowers, I recognized that somewhere along the line, I had accepted the concept that I should save it for a “special occasion.” And that got me thinking about some other possessions that tend to only be used on “special occasions,” while gathering dust and taking up space the rest of the time.

And so today I encourage myself – and anyone else who feels so inclined – to enjoy some of those “special occasion” items more regularly. Whether I’m by myself or with the hubster or with friends and family, adding these “special occasion” items to everyday life can break up the routine, add some color and freshness, and inspire the creative joy that adds a spark to daily life.

Of course, by definition “special” items are “designed for a particular purpose or occasion” (thank you Merriam-Webster!). I recognize that using them on all occasions would reduce the “special” factor. And that’s why I suggest that we enjoy some of those “special occasion” items more regularly. Whether it’s beautiful place mats, lit candles on your dinner table, extravagant bath salts, or something else, enjoy it!

What types of “special” items do you plan to introduce more regularly into everyday life? Tell us about your favorites!

* Photo by Hannah Gleghorn



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