CoinsOver the past few months, some Logistically Leah readers have shared with me how being organized has helped them save money, despite the recent highs and lows of the stock market. All of us can try to be more frugal and resourceful in these economic times. And today I’ve identified five situations in which being organized has resulted in saving money. Perhaps one, some, or all of the following ideas will resonate with your wallet.

1. Be aware of what’s in your refrigerator and pantry to avoid overbuying, or purchasing unnecessary items at the grocery store. And when you write out a grocery list and stick to it while shopping, you only buy that which you need for your planned meals. Adios to trashing spoiled food (and your hard earned money)!

Planning your grocery store run and planning meals in advance does not have to be an arduous process. Perhaps these links from the Logistically Leah Archives will offer some helpful tips!

2. Save at the gas pump by taking just a few extra moments to plan out your errands. Instead of making multiple trips to the store in a week, plan on one grocery expedition. Better yet, if your dry cleaner is en route to the grocery store, pick up your clothes on the way to buying milk rather than making a separate trip for your shirts later in the week. With gas prices on the rise, every bit of savings helps!

3. When there’s a sale, stock up on the items you use most so you’ll never have to pay full price. There’s a balance to be had here, folks. After all, most of us don’t need 20 cans of stewed tomatoes. You can be reasonable with these purchases! And, of course, you can save even more cash when you clip those coupons.

4. Keep tabs on your finances and you can monitor your family’s spending, avoid late fees by paying bills on time, and ensure that you’re not paying for unauthorized charges on your credit card.

5. Pay attention to coupon expiration dates, and the whereabouts of your gift cards. These items offer you free money, and using them is a great way to advance your family’s savings plan.

* Photo by lolo_stock

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