ErrandsShockingly enough, nobody is grading the organization-level of your errand runs this week. But if you’d like to minimize the time you spend on errands, consider following these three steps. They’ll help you maximize the time spent cuddling with your honey, enjoying a good book, or otherwise delighting in the freedom that stems from your version of organizational bliss.

1. Identify all of the errands that you need to run on any given day. Then plan accordingly. It may be helpful to jot them on a list with an eye toward the logistics for your outing (i.e. which errand site will you drive past on your way to checking off another errand on your to do list?). A little advance planning will save you from unnecessary traffic mania, and conserve time and gas (if you drive).

2. Double-check that you have what you need before heading off on your errand adventures. The hubster and I can confirm that stopping by the bank without your ATM card isn’t advisable, and you can’t return your library books if they were left at home on the coffee table.

3. Bring along those items that will help you make good use of your time while running errands. And while you’re organizing your next errand run, consider bringing along some creature comforts to make it that much more enjoyable. A water bottle can easily be left in your car, yet be readily available to quench thirst. Almonds or carrot sticks can be stashed in your bag for an on-the-go snack, and all that time spent waiting in line is the perfect opportunity to be grateful for peace, stillness, and quiet.

Wishing you easily planned, productive errands that yield more time for your favorite activities.

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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