Desk PlantFor those who work outside the home in a cubicle, shared space, or individual office, the workspace is a home away from home. In any given week, individuals can often spend as much time at the office – or more – than they do at home. So how to make this home away from home feel a little more, well, home-like? Perhaps these five tips will appeal to your inner-decorator:

1. A few tasteful photos of family or friends can add a joyful touch to any work area. The hubster and I select photo frames in colors that add vibrance to the desk area but are not too distracting. Bonus points if you change the photos once every six months or so – just to keep things fresh.

2. A live plant, fresh flowers, or a silk plant can add to the ambiance of your workspace. Plants can also double as book ends (if they are heavy enough) or be used to strategically cover those less than attractive computer wires.

3. A favorite quote displayed nearby is often appreciated at the most unexpected times. Whether affixed to your computer monitor, placed inside a desk drawer, or tacked on a bulletin board, your favorite quotes are often a wonderful source of joy – even after a four-hour meeting about TPS reports.

4. An afternoon snack is often a welcome treat. Stash some almonds or dried fruit in your desk drawer or reusable lunch bag in case hunger strikes. Those miniature food storage containers hold tasty treats of your choosing, encourage you to by-pass the corporate-feeling vending machine, and allow you to express creativity in your snacking. (Think: what snacks did you love in kindergarten that you’d like to continue eating today? Plan accordingly.)

5. A chair pillow, tissue box, gum supply, floss, and lip gloss are all easy items to come by and perfect candidates for stashing in your desk drawer or office space. They don’t take up much room, won’t offend anyone (as far as I know), and will allow you to enjoy a few creature comforts throughout your day.

This weekend, take a few moments to look around your home for items that could make your office a little more homey. Come Monday, your home away from home will feel that much more inviting and cheerful with the addition of a few gracious touches.

* Photo by mconnors

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