Fall LeavesAccording to my calendar, today we get to officially welcome autumn. I happen to like all of the seasons, so fall is definitely in my top four. Now that I live on the East Coast where four definitive seasons express themselves to the fullest, I await autumn with baited breath

With autumn comes extraordinary fall foliage that seems almost too bright and amazing to be real. But it’s very real. Autumn in New England means crisp days, sprawling apple orchards boasting every type of apple imaginable, and a variety of pumpkin patches, hay mazes, and fall festivals. Fall in New England has a certain smell, a certain feel in the air that can’t be captured in words – but you know it when you experience it.

Autumn in New England signals the end of summer afternoons at the beach and the close of ice cream stands in the vicinity. But it also means that pumpkin cheesecake will soon be on local menus and that my favorite grocery store (read: a glorified year-round indoor farmers’ market) will start stocking gourds, pumpkins, and apples galore.

And with a change in season is yet another opportunity to be grateful. We can be grateful for the beautiful changes in nature all around us. We can be grateful for the distinctive activities, foods, and experiences that add color and spark to this season. And we can be grateful for the summer that has drawn to a close – and the good, vibrancy, growth, and activity that characterized our summer adventures. Wishing you a delightful fall filled with gratitude and the joy that comes from autumn leaves.

* Photo by silgluck

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