SweaterAutumn is among my favorite times of year. With it comes the promise of leaves changing color, crisp days, apple picking, trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbell, and my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving). It also comes with the promise of wearing the sweaters, autumn scarves, and close-toed shoes that have been stored for the past few months. Before splurging on a fall shopping spree, consider the following ideas for freshening your fall wardrobe.

1. Go through your fall wardrobe and identify what items you wear every fall and which ones remain unworn season after season. Anything that you do not wear – and is in good condition – should be placed in a “give away” pile.

2. Next, think about the people in your life who might appreciate having the items in your “give away” pile. It’s okay to be joyful about sharing your clothing and accessories with others.

3. Then take stock of your remaining fall wardrobe items. Do you think there are gaps in your wardrobe? Could you “get by” with just the items you have on-hand? If not, jot down a wish list for the items you seek.

4. With wish list in-hand, hop online to Craigslist and Freecycle. There you might find fall clothing for modest prices – or for free.

5. Visit thrift shops, consignment stores, yard sales, and discount clothiers for low-priced items. You should be able to find plenty of stylish clothing in good condition, at affordable prices.

Regardless of whether you find the perfect new maroon top, freshening your wardrobe can be about so much more than “in with the new, and out with the old.” For me, freshening my wardrobe offers time for reflecting on the qualities with which I like to clothe myself.  I find that considering the qualities I am grateful to express keeps them fresh in thought. This offers a sense of inspiration and joy to my wardrobe freshening adventures, encouraging me to focus on so much more than silk, cotton, and denim.

Wishing you contentment as you freshen your fall wardrobe. Cheers!

* Photo by Fleur Suijten

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