luggageIf you have limited storage space at home, you probably already know all the storage tricks in the book. Thanks to numerous retailers, there are a plethora of items that thrill storage fans – one square foot of storage space at a time. Today we’ll take a look at just three of my favorite storage spaces and explore why they mesh well with my version of organizational bliss.

Luggage is a fantastic multi-functional storage space.

When not being used for travel, luggage is akin to a gold mine for those storage space seekers among us. Sure, it’s sometimes tricky to stow suitcases in an inconspicuous place. And sure, luggage can often be bulky, but it can also provide wonderful storage spaces for you if you:

1. Nest your luggage, storing smaller pieces  within the largest piece.

2. Use your luggage to store out-of-season wardrobe items.

3. Stow your down comforter, extra sets of sheets, or extra afghan in your luggage for easy, yet out-of-the-way, access.

If you already have the luggage, you might as well put it to good use every day of the year – and not just when you’re heading to the airport.

Under-bed storage bins help declutter your bedroom in a big way.

1. They free up valuable bureau and closet real estate, providing an inconspicuous place for out-of-season apparel.

2. They enable you to group stored items by bin, allowing you to be an organized storage champion who can easily find what s/he’s seeking.

3. By design, these bins are slim and sleek. Accordingly, they require you to be choosy about what you store – subtly encouraging decluttering as part of your storage process.

Trunks that do double-duty as a storage space and a coffee table go a long way toward supporting your storage needs.

1. If it’s cedar-lined, your trunk is the perfect place to store placemats, cloth napkins, blankets, afghans, sweaters, and textiles of all kinds.

2. If it also serves as a coffee table, your trunk should be used for stowing those items that you need only sporadically. No need to regularly interrupt gatherings where this trunk is being used as a table so that you can pull out your favorite sweater.

3. From what I’ve ascertained, it seems that trunk storage is right up there with window seat storage, and the creation of hollow ottomans that double as storage spaces. Use these spaces wisely, and enjoy!

If you have other favorite space-saving storage areas, tell us about them and they could appear in a future blog post!

* Photo by Matthew Trow