Part Three of a three-part series.

FruitCoupons, circulars, and supermarkets are intertwined. They go together just like hot fudge sauce and Fenton’s ice cream, hosting a fiesta on Cinco de Mayo, and smelling a bouquet of fresh flowers on the first day of spring. So how to maximize your weekly grocery budget and buy good food that’s affordable?

There are plenty of ways to save money on groceries. Shopping locally is often cheaper because you save the costs of freight, shipping, and the like. Buying sale items and using what’s in your pantry and freezer is also common sense. And then there’s the wonderful world of coupons. In fact, there’s a whole community of coupon enthusiasts out there. Full disclosure: I have not yet taken the time or effort to join their endeavors in a manner that’s worth mentioning, and yet I enjoy learning from afar as they share their savings tips with the rest of us. While some of the “couponing” ideas initially may seem intimidating, I’ve learned that I can pick and choose what works for me, and I am grateful for the richness of ideas that are available.

I’m not affiliated with the following sites, but hopefully some of the ideas and coupons they present will be welcome in your piggy bank and kitchen. If these don’t work for you, a quick Internet search is sure to yield a host of savings tips for the grocery stores in your neck of the woods.

Clipper Queen

Big Crumbs

The Coupon Clippers

Sunday Saver

Neighborhood Link

* Photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

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