PurseA friend of mine is known for saying, “You’ve got to accessorize!” And true to this statement, she always wears that little something extra which makes her look well put together and ready for her daily activities. This friend – and so many other women I know –  find joy in accessorizing their outfits with purses. While I tend to be a scarf accessory kind of gal, it’s not lost on me that where there are plenty of purses  (or cloth grocery bags or canvas beach bags) lie wonderful possibilities for organizational bliss. Following are three ways to neatly stow all those purses and bags hanging around your closet. Perhaps one, some, or all of these ideas will speak to the bag-lover within:

1. The closet shelf is your friend, if used correctly. When storing bags or purses on your closet shelf, be sure that they stand upright and will not fall with the slightest nudge. Store bags by color and use (i.e. formal purses go on one end of the shelf – sorted by color – and purses or canvas bags used on a daily basis are sorted by color on the other end of the shelf). If your bags won’t stand up on their own, this is not the best option for you (unless you invest in some miniature storage shelves or racks that are placed atop your closet shelf).

2. Hooks are happy storage spaces. Consider hanging your purses and other bags from hooks affixed to your closet door or interior closet wall. Just make sure that the hooks are big enough to hold the bags with ease.

3. Think outside the box and hang your bags on sturdy hangers. Simply wrap the bag handles around the neck of a hanger, and you’re good to go. Wood hangers are ideal for this storage option, and you’ll want to ensure that there’s plenty of horizontal space in your closet for harmonious bag hanging to ensue.

* Photo by Budda

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