Baseball CapWith the official start of summer just one month from today, America’s favorite past time is well-underway.  If you happen to possess at least one related clothing item that also doubles as part of the American tourist’s official uniform (read: the all-important baseball cap), you may have wondered where to store such an item without bunching it up or losing its shape. Perhaps one, some, or all of the following five storage ideas will give you some headway in the baseball cap storage challenge.

1. Find a post or door knob that’s out-of-the-way and put it to good use. While I don’t recommend decorating your four-poster bed with baseball caps, you may find that a post or doorknob in your basement, hall closet, or some other inconspicuous place is the perfect spot for perching your baseball cap. This shouldn’t impact the shape of the hat and will allow you to easily identify the one you wish to wear…in case you have three. Or ten. Note: The hubster and I don’t happen to have a big baseball cap collection at our house, but we know that some people really love their baseball hats and have lots to choose from in their homes.

2. Stack ’em, making sure that you don’t bunch them up in the process. Use the hat at the bottom of the stack as your “mold” and the rest will fit just fine without bunching up in the slightest.

3. Hooks work wonders when it comes to storing hats. Like posts, hooks are great places on which to perch your baseball caps with ease.

4. If it worked well for you to store your purses or canvas bags on a hanger, try the same option with your baseball caps. Perhaps you’ll start a whole new storage phenomenon in your humble abode.

5. Consider placing your beloved hats in a well-marked storage bin. The key here is to ensure that the bin is deep enough so you don’t squash your caps, and that it’s accessible so that you can grab your favorite hat whenever you’re about to visit a foreign country and you need your tourist gear. Or if you just want to catch the local game.

And now, let’s all sing a boisterous rendition of one of our nation’s favorite theme songs! You don’t even need to take off your baseball cap.

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