Children PlayingAmazingly enough, the symbolic “end of summer” is drawing near. Yes, it’s hard to believe it, but Labor Day weekend will be upon us in just a few days. It seems like just yesterday that we were enjoying Memorial Day weekend, then Independence Day. And several runs, swims, and melon balls, and ice cream scoops later, Labor Day weekend is here.

For several people, Labor Day weekend feels like a way-mark of sorts. One friend recently mentioned that when she was a child, Labor Day weekend marked the last weekend before school started. To her, summer was over after Labor Day – even though the weather in her neck of the woods remained hot well into October. Another friend told me that in his family, Labor Day marked the last weekend that his mom or sisters would wear white shoes or pants, because they did not wish to irk the local fashion police. And a colleague recently mentioned that for their family, Labor Day weekend offered a great opportunity for one last hurrah before the bustle of autumn adventures began.

Looking for ways to spend the last holiday weekend of the summer? Perhaps a few of these ideas (posted on Logistically Leah around this time last year) will resonate with you. Wishing you and yours a joyous Labor Day weekend. Cheers!

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