FlagsLabor Day weekend is often the symbolic “end of summer” for many families in the United States. Following are some ideas to consider when making plans for this holiday weekend:

Consider your interests. Then plan accordingly. If a challenging – albeit rewarding – hike sounds great to you, plan accordingly. If sitting in the backyard and watching the grass grow is right up your alley, make some lemonade, wipe off the lounge chair, and enjoy. If volunteering at a local soup kitchen would warm your heart, put on your apron and a smile and get to work. If there’s a favorite outdoor activity you’ve been waiting to do all summer, go do it! Bonus points if you try something new. Pick an activity that you’ll enjoy and plan ahead for a peaceful and harmonious adventure.

Invite others along for the ride. In addition to your immediate household members, you may wish to invite family, friends, or neighbors to enjoy your Labor Day adventures. Feel free to encourage everyone to pitch in with food and beverages so that all of the work does not fall to one person.

Look into community celebrations happening in your neck of the woods or in surrounding cities. Although Labor Day parades seem few and far between these days, many communities still host picnics and other gatherings in observance of this holiday. Nothing doing downtown? Then start your own traditions!

If your family considers this the last official weekend of summer, consider serving their favorite seasonal foods. Corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, berries, ice cream, barbecued anything, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and melons are always perfect fare for this holiday weekend.

Take some time to reflect on this summer. Carve out some time for reflection. Consider your – and your family’s –  summer 2010 activities and think about what was learned, what growth and change has occurred, and all of the things for which you can be grateful. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way – on Labor Day weekend and year-round.

* Photo by rfirman

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