Potato ChipsLast year, I wrote about Super Bowl Sunday and the variety of ways you could plan for welcoming a big group of your nearest and dearest. If you’d like to go the party planning route, those tips and ideas still hold water and can be found in the Logistically Leah Archives. They will enable you to kick up your heels and have a grand time, making the party planning process a step-by-step easy adventure. That said, if you’d like to participate in more spontaneous Super Bowl plans this year, more power to you!

One of the things I’ve greatly enjoyed in the past year is underscheduling myself so that I can embrace spontaneity. This is not to say that planning is bad (it’s not!), but I’ve found that spontaneity helps bring a cheerful balance to life’s planned activities and it allows me to embrace activities that I might have otherwise had to pass by. An example of this proved to be meaningful this past holiday season. The hubster and I returned home from visiting his family, and we had purposely planned no activities for the following day. On the night of our return, we received a call from close friends telling us that they had welcomed their baby girl while we were away. By choosing to have a spontaneous day upon our return from traveling, we had freedom in our schedule to cook some meals for our friends, deliver the food, and greet this joyful baby. It was a treat for us, and a reminder that underscheduling so as to embrace spontaneity is never a bad thing.

So if you’re not inclined to host a Super Bowl party this weekend, and if you’re not eager to attend the football extravaganza being hosted by friends, revel in the freedom of being able to do whatever you want come Sunday. You’ll be glad you gave yourself permission to be spontaneous in your activities this weekend.

And whether you’re the hostess with the mostest this Sunday or whether you spontaneously embrace the adventures of the day, here’s wishing you a super Super Bowl Sunday! Enjoy!

* Photo by Michal Zacharzewski

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