RosesLast year before Valentine’s Day I wrote about ten ways you can share Valentine love on a daily basis. And as Valentine’s Day approaches this year, I continue to feel that sharing the love on a daily basis is the most authentic and sincere way to live life. Instead of doing something special for someone on a certain date in February because protocol suggests that you “should,” all of us can share the love with others year-round by allowing the thoughtful factor to win out every time.

As we all know, sharing the love is about so much more than gifting a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates. We share the love every time that we call a relative who lives far away, bake cookies for a friend, drive the carpool, express kindness to a service provider, write a thank you note, tip generously at a restaurant, do our best at work, etc. Same goes for when we cheerfully take out the trash, prepare a meal, or joyfully carry out other tasks that benefit those residing in our respective households.

As Valentine’s Day approaches this year, I’m thinking about this love day in two ways. First, I’m acknowledging that it’s a great reminder to take time out of a busy schedule to do something special for a significant other, close friend, or family member. Secondly, I’m using this time of pink and red-filled marketing hype to thoughtfully consider what I can do to share the love with those in my midst on a daily basis – long after the flowers have wilted.

Do you have some out-of-the-box, share the love-type plans for this Valentine’s Day and beyond? Tell us about them!

* Photo by Andrew C.

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