Tote BagTote bags are nifty inventions. Many of them are cute (thank you, Vera Bradley); many of them advertise schools, causes, road races, and more eclectic things (thank you, everyone); and many brands come in a variety of sizes (thank you, L.L. Bean and others). Tote bags are great. They bring you back to days at the beach. Plus, the word “tote” is a fun word to say. Let’s all say it together. “Tote!” See? Very nifty. Following are five of my favorite uses for tote bags. I hope you’ll find these ideas helpful:

1. Tote bags double as purses. Tote bags can be a wonderful compliment to an outfit. They’re a little unexpected, often square-shaped, and perfect for stowing those slightly bigger items like flip flops (for when you just have to take off those heels), your umbrella, or a good read.

2. Tote bags help you conserve resources, one grocery bag at a time. Tote bags are the perfect solution for getting your groceries home with ease. Most totes have sturdy straps and many totes are strong enough to handle milk containers and the like. Plus, a bouquet of gerbera daisies poking out of a tote bag is a delightful reminder of summer.

3. Tote bags help you keep track of your library books. When visiting your local library, bring along a large tote bag. Once designated as your library book bag, this tote will never have another use. And it’s okay to be thrilled about this. Tote bags are the perfect vehicle for carrying items to and from the library, and helping you keep track of your library books once you get them home.

4. Tote bags are great for holding miscellaneous items when you’re on the go. Many times each month, I arrive at work with my work bag in hand and a tote bag over my shoulder. The tote bag may hold a change of shoes, an umbrella, make-up, a change of clothes, an extra sweater, a warm wrap…and that’s because using a tote bag is a great way to bring along an extra layer or creature comfort that may be needed during the day. The contents in tote bags are easy to access and the bags themselves can easily fit in small spaces. Win, win.

5. Tote bags are perfect for activity-specific packing needs. Going to the beach? Spending the afternoon in the garden? Going on a picnic? The all-purpose tote bag can be used for any of these occasions. Tote bags are easy to hold, easy to wear, and easy to manage in almost any situation.

Have a favorite use for your tote bag? We’d love to hear about it!

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