HandsInternational Friendship Day is recognized each year on the first Sunday in August. Although it may not be as well known as International Museum Day or National Doughnut Day, it bears mentioning. In large part, friendships are complementary to so many aspects of our lives. Friendships speak the language of encouragement and support. They inspire. They uplift. They lighten the load, draw out the smile, and extend the hug.

Being orderly can go a long way in supporting the consideration and thoughtful factors that, in turn, support friendships. While considering this concept, I recently took an  unscientific poll of some folks in my personal and professional networks. Here’s some of what they had to say about how being orderly supports friendships and relations with others. In no particular order, a few of their thoughts follow:

  • Staying on top of things in your own life allows you to respect others’ time by sharing information in a timely manner, arriving on time to meetings and social gatherings, etc.
  • Being orderly goes hand-in-hand with being considerate of others. This includes keeping things tidy that your guests will see and use, and remembering friends’ special occasions and milestones.
  • Organization in your own life helps you to not double-book or over-schedule yourself, thus encouraging you to be present in every moment. Focusing on the here and now fosters gratitude, joy, and appreciation for those in your company and life’s daily adventures.
  • Be where you promise to be, at the appointed time. Getting stood up should be reserved for bad romantic comedies, not real life visits with friends and business associates.
  • Keeping in touch lets others know that you care. E-communications make keeping in touch a cinch.
  • Thoughtfully use your electronic devices. There’s nothing like sitting at dinner and having someone check text messages while you attempt to share some big news. Same goes for trying to speak with a client while a cell phone rings in a nearby cubicle. When in the workplace, at church, at a concert, dinner, or – really – at any gathering involving two or more individuals, consider silencing your phone or putting it on vibrate.

When thinking about how your version of organizational bliss can enhance your friendships, it’s important to remember that being organized isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being peaceful. That peace is supported by each individual’s version of organizational bliss which, in turn, helps each individual express the qualities we celebrate on International Friendship Day.

* photo by Stephen Eastop