SaleI love being organized in the same way that wee ones love jumping in leaf piles (or mud puddles) at the pumpkin patch. For me, living my version of organizational bliss is exhilarating and fun because it supports order and harmony in my daily life. During this holiday weekend, I was reminded of yet another reason why organization is a fabulous thing. Three words: holiday weekend sales. I have no idea what Columbus and tasteful dish towels have in common, but if you peek at the latest ads, apparently home goods are a hot commodity at Columbus Day Weekend sales events.

Moments like this are simple reminders of why being organized is a beautiful thing. If you take the time to consider what you’ll need to purchase¬† in the coming weeks, you could very well take advantage of buying said items on sale today during a holiday weekend retail extravaganza! I have a friend who recently had her first child. When she was pregnant she made a list of everything her family felt they’d need for their bundle of joy. Then, during holiday weekend sales over a period of several months, she purchased baby gear, diapers, and clothing at rock bottom prices. She later mentioned that if she hadn’t planned ahead and taken advantage of these sales, she couldn’t have maintained her budget and purchased everything she wanted.

Holidays mean a variety of things for different folks. Some holidays may be more meaningful to you than others, and you probably observe holiday weekends in varied ways throughout the year. If you know you have some big purchases to make down the line (think: home appliances, furniture, children’s gear, computers, winter outerwear, etc.), consider researching the goods ahead of time and then acquiring the items during the next holiday weekend sales event.

As we all know, a little advance planning goes a long way. Holiday weekend sales are no exception. Cheers!

* Photo by Hans Thoursie

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