shredded paperThe home office shredder is a great device for anyone who is eager to be free of paperwork piles. It’s a no nonsense, productive contraption that neatens and declutters our lives on a moment’s notice. It’s also rather final and definitive, and should be used with care. Today I dedicate this post to the trusty shredder, and some ideas for putting it to use most effectively.

1. Open your mail in your home office, and make immediate use of your shredder and your recycling bin. From the get-go, recycle any non-confidential and unnecessary papers and circulars found in your mailbox. Unsolicited items bearing confidential information (read: credit card offers and similar junk mails) should be shredded. If you do this on a daily basis, you’ll eradicate a host of piles before they ever begin.

2. Use your shredder to support the annual file fling. This event happens early every calendar year and allows you to make room in your hanging files for the paperwork that will appear over the next twelve months. The shredder is recommended for playing a key role in this file adventure.

3. When done regularly, shredding is a cinch. There’s nothing like spending a few hours sitting in front of a shredder and feeding it with confidential paperwork that should have been destroyed while the Brady Bunch was still on television. If you take care of your shredding needs on a regular basis, shredding won’t become a dreaded activity. Plan accordingly. You’ll be glad you did!

Shredders can make all the difference in your home office. If a shredder has worked organizational wonder in a home office near you, tell us about your experience. Your wisdom could be featured in a future blog post!

* Photo by Kristof Creative

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