SprinklerSummer has finally arrived in its sun-filled (and in some places) humidity-filled glory. Looking for easy ways to keep cool as the mercury rises? Perhaps one, some, or all of these tips will delight the outdoor enthusiast within:

1. Take a dip. In the swimming pool, lake, pond, or kiddie pool. Swimming, wading, and splashing in the water are great ways to keep cool all summer long.

2. Get out the slip’n’slide. Sure, you haven’t been on a slip’n’slide since you were 8 years old (or since college, for some folks I know). What’s stopping you? When set-up correctly, slip’n’slides can be great fun for the entire family.

3. Enjoy iced anything. Frozen grapes make delicious summer afternoon treats. Same goes for popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate covered frozen bananas.

4. Spritz fans are fun. They send out a mist that keeps you cool as you watch the kids play Marco Polo in the pool all afternoon.

5. Double-duty sprinkler use. Put your garden sprinkler to good use at dusk while you run through it. You’ll simultaneously water your garden and cool off. Win-win situation!

How are you keeping cool outdoors this summer? Let us know!

* Photo by Ivan Prole

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