Picnic BasketMemorial Day is on our horizon and now is the perfect time to plan for your holiday weekend picnic. Planning the perfect picnic is super simple. With some great guests, a little creativity, and a few favorite foods and creature comforts, you will host a grand picnic adventure. Following are five tips to support your upcoming picnic extravaganza.

1. Think logistically. (It’s okay to be thrilled about this aspect of your picnic planning process.) As always, a little advance planning goes a long way. Be sure you have enough napkins, plates, utensils, cups, etc. on hand for the gathering. Don’t forget bags for your picnic group’s trash and recycling needs.

2. Think delicious. Serve foods that are easy to transport and appeal to your guests. Go gourmet, serve traditional nursery school lunch fare, or bring side dishes and barbecue the main dish on-site. Picnics can be wonderful potluck parties.

3. Think location. Pick a picnic site that’s scenic, convenient, and has the amenities you seek. There’s no point in planning to make s’mores if there’s nary a fire pit or barbecue in sight.

4. Think green. Use recyclable or reusable plates and cups. As previously recommended, bring bags for your trash and recycling items and be sure to pick up after your party. While you’re at it, make a point of leaving the picnic site cleaner than when you found it. When setting up picnic central, be conscious of the plants and vegetation all around you. No need to put your hefty cooler on a new seedling.

5. Think creature comforts. Don’t forget beach towels or chairs, hats, sunglasses, citronella candles, and the all-important frisbees, hackey sacks, baseball and mitts, or other outdoor game items.

Wishing you much joy in your al fresco dining experiences this holiday weekend.

* Photo by Olga Drozdova

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