A few weeks ago while cleaning our house, I walked past my bedside table and realized – for the first time in ages – that it doubles as a library (think: combination book shelf and magazine rack, with an alarm clock, lamp, and cute photo thrown in for good measure). And I smiled to myself.  After all, having good reads just an arm’s length away from my favorite reading perch is a great thing.

Today I write about my bedside table that doubles as a library, because for me, it’s a great example of the importance of each of us embracing our respective versions of organizational bliss. Sure, some fellow organization enthusiasts may say that a bedside table that doubles as a library is less than charming. But, quite honestly, I’m perfectly content with this so-called “clutter.” Of course, it’s great to place these books in an organized fashion, and to ensure that the magazines are neatly stacked. But regardless of the condition of the stacks, this space is comfortable. It adds to the depth of the room, exudes an element of coziness, and sparks joy in my heart.

Have a perch in your house that you have no desire to “declutter” because it offers you daily enjoyment? Tell us about it. After all, it’s okay to be thrilled about carrying out your own version of organizational bliss. Cheers!

* Photo by Paul Harvey