Part One of a three-part series about some of the many resources available at your local public library.

Library DeskMost libraries that I’ve visited throughout the United States have what I call “that library feeling” that’s evident as soon as you walk inside. That feeling is fed by so many things: the helpful reference librarians who are eager to assist you, the familiar smell of the stacks, the magazine racks that beckon, and the children’s room where there’s always a colorful book display and opportunities for puppet shows and story hour…ah, the library really is a wonderful place. Libraries are brimming with free resources for you, me, and our fellow community members. When was the last time you walked into your local library? If it has been awhile, carve out some time to head over there this week. Together, we’ll explore some of the resources that public libraries make available to enrich your life.

If you’re looking to finish a project or have some uninterrupted time to read, study, or otherwise do anything that can be done in a library, consider taking full advantage of your local library’s study rooms. A friend recently told me about her local library, which offers study rooms that can be booked for two hour time slots. For free. If you’ve ever wanted an office space away from home, the library down the street may just have the perfect solution.

In addition to providing you with a quiet space to accomplish your work, the definitive beginning and end time linked to your two-hour time slot can be helpful. It can encourage you to stay on task or track your progress to ensure that when your time is up, your work is complete. The study rooms that I’ve seen often have blank walls and clutter-free tables, eliminating the various distractions that could be lurking in a home office near you. And while distraction-free spaces can be found in many places other than a library, these study rooms are like having your very own private office.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Living an organized life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being peaceful. If you have a deadline looming, a project you’ve been wanting to do, or a book you’ve wished you could spend more time studying, head on over to the local library and see if they have a study room available. Walking around with something hanging over your head, so to speak, does not lend itself to a peaceful existence. The library provides a wealth of resources that can help you be more productive, focused, and purposeful in your activities. The study room is just one of these resources, and it’s yours to enjoy. For free. Go ahead, and sign-up for one today.

* Photo by Daniel Jaeger Vendruscolo

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