During this last full week of August, it’s okay to be thrilled about enjoying summer fun after a busy workday. Humidity and hot temperatures will be a distant memory in a few months and now is as good of a time as ever to embrace summer to the fullest.

Part One of a three-part series.

Feet in WaterFollowing are three water-focused ideas you may wish to include in your post-work adventures this week:

  • Go for a refreshing swim in a nearby pond, lake, river, ocean, or swimming pool. Even the areas that seem most land-locked often have swimming facilities in the vicinity.
  • Have a water balloon toss with your significant other, friends, family members, or neighbors. Whoever gets soaked is a winner.
  • Enjoy a walk, jog, or run around a nearby lake, pond, or reservoir. The beauty will delight you.

Have fun!

* Photo by Jesse Therrien

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