Part Three of a three-part series.

Care PackageAs a college student attending school 2,000 miles from my home state, I loved receiving care packages. Finding a box waiting for me in the campus mail center was always such fun. There was the anticipation of what might be inside and the joy of sharing the contents with my roommates and friends. Early on, my college’s regional alumni club in my home state sent me a fun care package on-campus. It was around finals time, and they included a variety of packaged snacks for study breaks, some homemade banana bread, and a kind note. I was so touched by their thoughtfulness. Later on in my college career, two friends sent me a Valentine-themed care package complete with a pretty pink sweatshirt, a cheery red vest, and some chocolates. A few other friends sent care packages along the way, and their selflessness and thoughtfulness always meant the world to me.

As college students across the country prepare to head back to campus, now is the perfect time to plan ahead if you’d like to send a care package or two this academic year. Full disclosure: I’ve never sent a care package to a college student for one reason. It just hasn’t been on my radar. So if the thoughtful factor resonates with you, following are a few tips for care package themes and remembering to send the packages this academic year.

Visit your favorite college student’s school web site to identify when Homecoming or finals are happening. Then populate your own calendar with a “send care package” reminder in-place for a week or two before the big events. Care package themes are endless, and three ideas follow:

  • Food: Home-baked anything will be a welcome treat. Same goes for items that can only be found in the student’s hometown.
  • Eclectic: Include candy, a notepad, a few magazines, and a gag gift or anything representative of an inside joke.
  • Sports: Send gear, articles, and memorabilia from their favorite team.

We’d love to hear about the creative care packages you send this year. Drop us a line to tell us about them and your wisdom could appear in a future blog post.

* Photo by Miguel Saavedra

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