Part Two of a three-part series for college students.

Shower shoesEarlier this week, I encouraged college students to be choosy about the creature comforts they bring to campus. Today, I am presenting a list of ten creature comforts that went the extra mile during my college career. Perhaps a current college student will find these items equally as useful:

1. Shower shoes. Bring ’em. Use ’em. Bonus points if they’re your favorite color.

2. Shower caddy. The plastic basket that holds your shampoo and body wash will be very helpful. Hopefully, daily.

3. Bathrobe. You’ll be glad you brought one for those jaunts down the hall.

4. Arm chair pillow. They make studying in bed a breeze – and they can stay on the bed all the time so as not to take up valuable dorm room space.

5. Under-bed storage containers. Great place to stash sweaters, out-of-season clothing, and more.

6. Desk lamp. Bonus points if yours has some built-in office supply storage at its base. Store your paper clips and study simultaneously!

7. Bed spread. College dorm room beds sometimes double as sofas. The bed spread can help keep your sheets and blanket clean and pizza sauce-free.

8. Sturdy laundry bag. Sometimes the laundry room is across the hall, sometimes it’s in the basement. A sturdy laundry bag will travel the distance.

9. Surge protector. It takes up almost no space, allows you to plug in multiple items (computer, lamp, etc.) and protects your electronics. Win, win, win.

10. Head phones. Your roommate can sleep, you can listen to music while you finish your paper, and everyone is happy.

Happy move-in day, and here’s to a clutter-free experience this academic year. Cheers!

* Photo by Melodi T

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