Part Three of a Three-Part Series on Spring Cleaning

FlowersSpring cleaning isn’t all about feather dusters, cobweb removal, and window washing techniques. While those things are natural elements of the spring cleaning process, spring cleaning is really about rejuvenation, renewal, and reflection. This year, I encourage you to use your spring cleaning adventure as a time to consider ideas like freshness, vitality, grace, order, and peace. These qualities directly relate to cleaning activities, and they lend a greater sense of purpose to whatever vacuuming or dusting job is on your to do list.

For example, dusting and vacuuming can be seen as getting rid of the old and keeping thought fresh – welcoming new ideas, perspectives, and inspiration. Overhauling the garage or organizing a closet is about embracing opportunities for renewal and sharing. What’s in the garage that isn’t needed, but would be a useful delight to someone else? What clothing no longer reflects your expression of beauty but would brighten someone else’s wardrobe?

I like using the actual time spent doing spring cleaning as moments in which to do some spring cleaning in thought. What routines would I like to modify? What habits would I like to change? Resolutions and the desire to improve are not just reserved for New Year’s Eve. Spring is about hope and grace and joy and new things coming to light, so embrace the fresh ideas that come to thought.

Wishing you joyous moments of contemplation, reflection, and peace as you move ahead with your spring cleaning and pursue your version of organizational and logistical bliss.

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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