There’s something about the first day of a new year that feels fresh, new, good, and clean. Perhaps it’s the quiet on the streets after the up-all-night revelers have finally gone to sleep. Or perhaps it’s because in many countries, tradition marks January 1st as the start of abiding by resolutions that embrace a clean slate or a plan to achieve specific goals.

When I’ve made resolutions in the past, I’ve always kept those that reflected a deeper desire to be more thoughtful, selfless, kind, expressive of grace, etc. The resolutions that fell to the wayside were focused on superficial things that didn’t involve a deeper desire for growth. Numerous friends have had similar experiences regarding their New Year’s resolutions.

Have you made a resolution to be more organized, a better planner, or otherwise more likely to achieve your own version of organizational or logistical bliss? Based on my experience, if you’re looking to do these things so that you can express more grace and peace, or carve out more time for quiet, reflection, and what’s really important, then you can expect to fully carry out these resolutions. Resolutions that speak to a deeper sense of purpose always lend themselves to the appropriate practical footsteps.

Wishing you much organizational and logistical joy in 2010. Cheers!

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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