Home OfficeThe home office is where a lot of creativity happens. This space is also probably where your bills get paid, your thank you notes get written, your magazines seem to multiply, and your mail gets read (and hopefully, not piled). So how to keep your home office tidy despite its many uses? Following are five easy tips to support organizational bliss in a home office near you:

1. Dust regularly. This is a simple way to immediately make your home office look and feel clean and inviting. It’s okay to be thrilled about dusting almost everything in sight: your desk, computer, bookshelves, file cabinet, lamp, picture frames. When done on a weekly basis, this takes just a few moments.

2. Empty your recycling bin, garbage can, and shredder regularly. The hubster and I empty these bins on a weekly basis, and it makes all the difference in the level of tidiness we enjoy in our home office.

3.Wipe down your computer screen and clean your computer keyboard and mouse. These things get a lot of use and keeping them spic ‘n’ span is good for them and for you.

4. Don’t let shreddable documents pile up near, or on top of, your shredder. Shred as-needed. It takes just a few moments to feed items to your shredder, and this helps you avoid having yet another non-descript pile hanging around the house.

5. Do a weekly audit of your desk. This is a good time for you to water your lone desk plant, identify what non-necessary documents have piled up during the week, and confirm that you’ve sent the RSVP card for cousin Freddy’s wedding.

Wishing you much productivity in your tidy home office.

* Image by dekok

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