LadderA few weeks ago, the hubster and a family member tackled a full day’s worth of home improvement projects. They replaced a circuit breaker; repainted the garage door a crisp white; and replaced some wood on the back deck. Their hours of labor were rewarded with exciting things like homemade chocolate chip cookies made by yours truly. And these projects went off successfully thanks to a little advance planning. If you’re looking to do some handy house projects this weekend, perhaps one, some, or all of the following ideas will help you get hammer-ready:

1. Identify the projects you wish to accomplish. Be realistic with how much you’ll do in one day. If your list involves building a staircase, replacing a leaky pipe, and painting the bathroom all before lunchtime, you may wish to re-think a few things. Be sure that your plans are manageable.

2. Next, ascertain what tools and products you need to purchase to successfully complete your projects. Be thorough when making your shopping list. You don’t want to be atop a 20-foot ladder and realize that you forgot to purchase gutter screws.

3. When possible, purchase your supplies in advance. Or rise and shine early on project day and head to the hardware store while the roosters crow. No need to eat up half of your day searching for a caulking gun while a cheery man, wearing an orange store apron, hunts down your sand paper.

4.Think through all the steps of the project and then set to work. When in doubt, ask for help or do your research. This will save you plenty of time, money, and trips to the hardware store.

5. Plan to have meals and creature comforts at the ready. Perhaps your spouse will make you lunch. Or you could order out or make lunch in advance. Have plenty of water nearby. You’re your own boss so give yourself an occasional break. Have work gloves, sturdy shoes, and a hat nearby. Pace yourself.

Wishing you a productive weekend as you impersonate Bob Villa. Cheers!

* Photo by Horton Group