Organized DrawerThe word “decluttering” often conjures up images of Nate Berkus and crew rescuing some hoarders from the scary confines of their basement while a dumpster gets piled high outside their house. Or it may conjure up images of you kneeling in your attic surrounded by boxes and piles of “schtuff.” Everywhere. But decluttering does not have to be a big event, a televised experience, or even a noteworthy part of your day. Following are a few ideas for how you can declutter your home over time, in just a few moments each day:

  • Declutter a kitchen drawer while water is brewing for your herbal tea or while you’re waiting for the oven to pre-heat
  • Organize your refrigerator while inventorying what’s on hand for your grocery list. No need to buy broccoli if you already have some!
  • Take 30 seconds to organize the items on your living room end table during a television commercial
  • Declutter as part of an existing activity. Did you plan to dust today? Consider getting rid of at least one tckotke in the home office while you dust the bookshelves.

By consistently decluttering one shelf, drawer, or small area at a time over a period of several months, you’ll find yourself on the track toward a decluttered house. No dumpsters needed.

* Photo by Martin Zager