BatteriesEarly January is a great time to take care of odds and ends that have been overlooked during the holidays, or could help things run more smoothly throughout the new year.

For the hubster and me, that means it’s time for the annual file fling. As you may recall, this is a participant-friendly home office organization adventure. It allows us to gather up tax-related paperwork, shred unneeded documents, and once again make room in our filing cabinet. In my humble opinion, it’s worth the time it takes because it makes a world of difference the whole year through. And file fling or no file fling, you may wish to use this first week of the new year to take care of a few other odds and ends, along the lines of the following:

  • Replace the battery in your watch, which stopped a few weeks ago. Now you can stop telling people that the time is “half past a freckle!”
  • Install those hooks inside your coat closet door
  • Return any overdue library books lurking around the house
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights, and thermostat (if it’s  battery operated, of course!)
  • Rotate your mattress. (When was the last time that happened?!)
  • For cold weather climate residents, consider taking steps to prepare for winter storms.

There are a million and one odds and ends to do at any given time. Take care of the ones you’re impelled to address. Being organized in the areas that are important to you will allow you to focus your attention on loved ones and things besides batteries throughout the year.

* Photo by Iwan Beijes