As you gear up for a long weekend, you may be excited about travel plans or you may be thinking of your mile-long to do list. If there’s a home organization project that you think you should do, but you can’t seem to get motivated to do it, consider waiting to take action until you’re “chomping at the bit” to accomplish the task. This may seem counter-intuitive coming from someone who loves organizational bliss the way some people love chocolate. But let’s remember that an organized life isn’t about being perfect – it’s about being peaceful.

True story: There are areas in our home that have yet to experience my version of logistical bliss. It’s what works for us right now. These areas are not as high on our priority list as spending time with each other and family and friends; carving out time for quiet, prayer, and reading; or being active participants in our church and other meaningful organizations. And they’re not as high on our priority list as planning our meals for the week ahead, following Mary Poppins’ example, or avoiding lunchables at all costs. And that’s okay.

Case in point: In early fall while getting ready for a date night with the hubster I kept looking for a make-up item in our bathroom cabinet. Try as I might, I couldn’t find it. This shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise because, at the time, that particular cabinet left a fair amount to be desired in the organization department. Of course, I used a different make-up item and off I went for a lovely evening out on the town.

A few days later I wanted to find a hair tie before doing a chore or two. Oddly enough, the circular band of wonder that pulls my hair back from my face had disappeared from its shelf. I have a full bag of these hair accessories, so losing this glorified rubber band wasn’t a huge deal or an expensive loss.

But the elusive make-up item and that missing hair tie finally ignited a formerly non-existent spark of motivation for a bathroom cabinet organizational intervention. And thus, organizational efforts toward bathroom cabinet bliss ensued and that cabinet now radiates logistical wonder and delight.

Moral of the story: Had I organized this bathroom cabinet several months earlier because I thought I should do it and not because I actually wanted to do it,  I probably would not have enjoyed the process as much. My heart wouldn’t have been in it, and the end product would have reflected this perspective. And I suspect that I wouldn’t have the same surge of organizational satisfaction as I do today when I open those cabinet doors.

Looking ahead, capitalize on organization motivation when it strikes, and remember that whatever works for you is what’s right for your household. Don’t attempt to live another individual’s version of an organized life – live your own and enjoy it!

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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