MakeupAfter a dinner meeting last week, I did something that was quite out of character. Before heading home, I hopped across the street to a mall and purchased (drum roll, please)…lip gloss. This is rather shocking, because those who know me know that I love being organized far more than I love to shop. But to be fair, this is not just any lip gloss. It’s a magical, unique lip gloss. One that looks shiny, but not teeny-bopper glittery. It’s the kind that, with just one application, can last for hours. And did I mention that it tastes like brown sugar? And that it’s appropriate for a Monday morning meeting and date night?

As if this happy little purchase weren’t exciting enough, I arrived home and immediately went to the bathroom cabinet where my lip gloss is stored. (No need to put my purchase in a – gasp! – pile somewhere.) With a surge of organizational delight,  I opened the cabinet and placed my new lip gloss in line with its counterparts. It was quite satisfactory to see them all lined up, organized and accessible and ready for use.

And as I stowed my new shiny delight, I recalled what I learned several months ago about the importance of capitalizing on organization motivation. Right then, I smiled a glossy smile. I realized that, for months, I’ve basked in the freedom of what I’ve learned about the importance of organizing things because I’m inspired to do so, not because I think I should. Yes, my friends, there is a difference between doing something because we feel inspired to do it – and doing something because we feel like we’re supposed to, even if there’s no sense of joy behind the activity.

And so I share this simple experience with you as a reminder to savor your glossy organizational wins. Those are the moments when you know logistical bliss is ensuing, and that you’re living your own version of a peaceful, organized life.  Enjoy!

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers