Noise MakerHappy New Year, and welcome to this first day of 2011! New Year’s Day means different things to different folks. For some, it’s just a “normal” day with no special factor attached to it. Others love January 1st because they can spend the day napping on the couch watching sporting events and eating cheesy eggs and the remnants of their gingerbread house. The logistics and organization enthusiasts I know like that New Year’s Day often invigorates people. (Case in point: individuals who might not otherwise want to declutter their attics decide that today is the day they’re getting rid of those high school prom dresses from 1975.) And other people I know find that January 1st of each year is a natural time to establish resolutions and set personal goals for the new year.

As an organization enthusiast, you’d think that I’d be the first to have a new year’s resolutions list taped to my refrigerator. But, full disclosure, I am not keeping a written list this year. Resolutions aren’t a bad thing, per se. In the past I’ve found that identifying resolutions has supported all kinds of growth. Interestingly enough, I found that the resolutions that went the distance were those that reflected a deeper desire for growth and lent themselves to practical footsteps. The resolutions that I did not keep focused on surface things, which fell by the wayside relatively quickly.

And so whether today finds you grasping gingerbread, organizing the attic, purchasing a gym membership, or doing laundry, I wish you and yours peace, hope, and expectancy of good in 2011. Cheers!

* Photo by Melissa Balkon

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