House guests and visits from out-of-town relatives are part of what make Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season so memorable. After yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast, you may be wondering how you’ll entertain the large number of family and friends who are temporarily using your abode as a home base. Following are a few ideas you may wish to offer to your guests today:

Black Friday: Some guests may wish to get a head start on their holiday shopping. If so, point them in the direction of your local mall.

Indoor Games: Board games, a deck of cards, the New York Times crossword puzzle, and Twister will be a hit.

Outdoor Adventures: A walk in a nature preserve, a backyard football or soccer game, a jog around the local high school track, or a day-long hiking adventure could be the change of scenery that puts a bounce in your step.

In-Home Entertainment: Think Netflix or movie rentals, a family talent show, or old home movies. Bonus points if you serve popcorn and hot chocolate or invite the kids to create their own indoor lemonade stand.

The more joy that you sincerely express and feel, the more you’ll enjoy being a host/hostess. Have fun as you encourage your guests to enjoy some home-grown entertainment and local diversions today.

* Image by John Nyberg

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