Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it centers around gratitude. The beauty of this holiday is that it offers the opportunity to unabashedly and openly express thanks for the little and big things in our lives: For God and prayer and freedom of religion. For living in a country where voting is a right. For family, friends, and all of the blessings bestowed upon each of us. For dark chocolate, Honda CR-Vs, and silly putty.

And this holiday offers a golden opportunity for each of us to tell others in our lives about the impact they have and the difference they make. This time of year, Thanksgiving cards are a great way to communicate an attitude of gratitude. They communicate our heartfelt appreciation for the recipient, feature beautiful pictures of autumn leaves and Norman Rockwell-style family gatherings, and (according to some people in my life) help keep Hallmark in business. Regardless of your thoughts on the gift card industry, I think one can never go wrong with expressing an attitude of gratitude. And because not everyone writes Thanksgiving cards, their arrival in the recipient’s mailbox may come as an unexpected surprise.

I haven’t sent Thanksgiving cards very often as I’m more of a Christmas and holiday card kind of gal. But when I have penned a card or two in November, it has been a joy to do so. Following are a few simple ideas to consider if you’d like to send a touch of gratitude to a loved one this month:

  • Mail your card enough in advance that it arrives before Thanksgiving
  • If you’re sending just a few of these cards, select them a la carte from a card shop. If you choose to send many Thanksgiving cards, buy a boxed set or make your own!
  • Consider writing your cards in a pen that’s a festive color (think: brown, gold, or silver).
  • If your Thanksgiving card recipient will also receive a holiday card from you in December, consider what you really want to say to them on this holiday. Then share a different, albeit loving note next month.
  • You’re taking the time to send a gratitude card – so be specific in your message. Let the recipient know how much they mean to you and why.

Wishing you much joy as you embrace an attitude of gratitude throughout this holiday season and year-round.

* Image by Kriss Szkurlatowski