The Joys of Decluttering: Part Three of a Three-Part Series

Decluttering has its rewards. In addition to making it possible for you to see the top of your nightstand (getting rid of that pile has its perks) or walk through your basement, decluttering helps your home “rise up to meet you,” as Oprah says. And decluttering can help you save denero. Today we’ll look at a few examples of how decluttering has its monetary rewards. Perhaps these ideas will encourage you to sustain the decluttering activities that mesh with your version of organizational bliss!

  • Decluttering enables you to see what you already own so you do not unnecessarily “over buy.” This curbs waste, as well as food spoilage in your refrigerator and pantry.

  • Decluttering helps ensure that you do not misplace special items you purchase. Case in point: A former neighbor purchased holiday gifts for her grandchildren year-round. However, she would hide these items so well that sometimes she couldn’t find them when gift-giving time arrived. Decluttering helps you keep tabs on what you own and where it’s stored – even if it’s well-hidden from wee ones or packed in a basement, closet, attic, or off-site storage unit.
  • Decluttering encourages you to put things where they belong. If you start out with an organized space, it’s likely that you’ll want to keep that area clutter-free. Accordingly, having a decluttered space can help encourage you to file receipts, bills, and gift cards. You may feel enthused about taking checks to the bank rather than stashing them in a pile not to be found again for several months. And you may feel extra motivated to reduce your magazine mayhem. In that case, gold star for you!
  • Two words: loose change. It’s amazing what you’ll find while you’re decluttering. In addition to finding that black sock, some holiday postage stamps, and an extra button, you may uncover grocery coupons, dollar bills, or loose change. It’s okay to be thrilled about putting money in your pocket, and saving money when you find things that you otherwise would have had to replace.

How has decluttering saved you money? Let us know, and your wisdom could appear in a future blog post!

* Image by John Nettleship

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