Alarm ClockWe often hear about – and some of our marvelous readers may even experience – what’s known as the weekday morning rush. It’s the “I overslept, rushed into my clothes, ran out of the house and forgot my lunch and work keys” routine that does not paint a pretty or peaceful picture for the start of a workday. So how to transform the morning rush into marvelous mornings? Perhaps these morning routine tips (including some I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post) will brighten your mornings this week and in the future.

Wake up at the same time every weekday. This helps me be focused throughout my workday, and fall asleep around the same time each evening. This may or may not work for you – but it’s an idea to consider.

Carve out some quiet time for yourself every morning before you leave the house. Always. No matter how impossible this may seem, do your best to make this happen every day. You can use this time for prayer, quiet reflection and contemplation, or whatever you’d like. It’s a great way to establish a sense of order and dominion before the day gets underway. Please do not use this time to take care of a few things on your to do list.

Make your bed. It takes just a few moments and establishes order in your bedroom as you’re getting ready for the day. While getting dressed, there’s no need to lose your clothing in the sea of sheets known as your bed. And a made bed helps to achieve what Oprah describes as your house “rising up to greet you.”

Pack your lunch, breakfast, water bottle, etc. at night. There’s no reason to prepare your food for the day ahead at o’dark thirty in the morning. Have you ever had a whiff of Dijon mustard before you’ve eaten your oatmeal?! Steer clear of this scene whenever possible.

Pack your purse, work bag, workout bag, etc. at night. While you’re at it make sure your house keys, work key card, commuter pass, and wallet are in their proper places before your head hits the pillow. No need to go on a treasure hunt for these items before you’re due to leave the house in the morning.

Check tomorrow’s weather forecast tonight. This takes approximately 20 seconds and at certain moments, you’ll be especially glad that you did. Have you ever left the house on a sunny day only to glance out your office window that afternoon as a wall of rain envelopes your office building? At a moment like that you’ll be thrilled to have your umbrella and coat in your office. With a little advance planning, you’ll be prepared for the elements (when the forecasters predict the weather accurately).

Plan tomorrow’s outfit and accessories tonight. Take a moment to think about the day ahead with a focus on your clothing and accessories. Do you have a meeting or presentation for which you’d like to wear your favorite blazer? Will it behoove you to wear snow boots due to a blizzard heading to your fair city? Did you rip your last pair of nylons today? These are things to consider when you have a few moments tonight, not tomorrow morning when you have exactly 120 seconds until you have to leave the house. Accordingly, tonight you may wish to plan tomorrow’s outfit in thought or actually lay out your clothes and accessories (full disclosure: not something I do but something you may enjoy).

Use the same “leave the house” procedures every morning. In time, you’ll rarely – if ever – forget your “standard” items. Case in point: When you pick up your work bag, pluck your lunch from the refrigerator shelf, and grab your water bottle and keys as you walk out the door, you’ve begun to establish a bit of a routine. Do it for a few consecutive days and it becomes a routine without you even noticing. Do it for a month or so and you’ll likely never forget your water bottle again because picking it up will become second nature. If you walk out the door without it, you’ll likely realize that you’re forgetting something and you’ll take stock of what’s missing.

With a little advance planning and a willingness to carve out some quiet time for yourself every morning, the morning rush is sure to be transformed into marvelous mornings. Perhaps at least one of these tips will inspire you to rise, shine, and greet tomorrow morning with a joyous expression of peace! And if you have additional ideas that help you avoid the morning rush and enjoy marvelous mornings, feel free to share them here and they could be featured in an upcoming blog post.

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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