There are those people who tolerate lists, those who like lists, and those – including yours truly – who think lists are wonderful, fabulous, beautiful things. In my experience, lists lend themselves to organization, focus, and order. They’re a tangible way to chart task-related progress, and they offer a delightful surge of satisfaction when I get to check off  a completed item. The hubster – and anyone who knows me – will confirm that I love using the actual lists almost as much as I love the concept of living a peaceful life (the latter, of course, is often enhanced by the order and planning made possible by lists).

The start of a new year often inspires many people to make resolutions. Some endeavor to be more organized, others make plans to accomplish new projects, and several individuals decide that this is the year when they’ll start planning ahead.

To help support your interest in being more organized, following are some planning-related online tools that should help you keep track of the things you need/want/intend to do. Friends have suggested these resources, and I fully expect that at least one of these handy tools will support your ongoing organizational and logistical bliss throughout this new year.

Tip: After you check out the list below and identify which planning resource(s) you want to use, consider installing Prism by Mozilla. This free program, and Firefox plug-in, allows you to run any web page as a stand-alone application. Although you’ll still need Internet access, you won’t need to load a full browser. In short: the website loads more quickly and uses fewer system resources.

And now for a few online planning resources for use in 2010:

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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