Duck on towelsThe organized shower is a marvelous place. It allows the user to get clean without having off-balance shampoo and conditioner bottles falling every which way. Creating an organized shower is a cinch, and hopefully the following will be helpful in a bathroom near you:

  • Obtain a plastic or wire storage container. Whenever possible, this container should be large enough to accommodate the cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, loofas, washcloths, etc. used by everyone who regularly uses this shower.

  • There are many shower caddies on the market. Some are applied to the tile wall with suction cups. Others hang from the stem of your shower head. Others can be installed in the corner of your shower.
  • Once you find the caddy that works well for you, make sure that the weight of the items balances it with ease. A large, full shampoo bottle on the top shelf may need to be balanced by a full bottle of cleanser on the bottom shelf.
  • Be sure to purchase a caddy with slots for a razor, brush, bar of soap, etc. if you use these items in the shower.

With a well-placed rubber ducky, your organized shower is sure to give you a surge of organizational satisfaction day after day!

* Photo by Jean Scheijen