TowelsThe beauty of living your version of organizational bliss is that you get to carry out the level of organization that works well for you. Regardless of how organized or disorganized you think you are, sometimes the simplest storage tips can make all the difference. Perhaps one, two, or all three of the following tips will support your version of logistical satisfaction:

1. Store like things together. This enables you to find things on a moment’s notice, allowing you to focus on more important things. This practice can also help you save money. When you can see what you own, you are less likely to purchase items that you already have.

2. Store items close to where you use them. Corn-on-the-cob holders are perfect candidates for kitchen cabinet storage. Dishes can be stored in your dining room or kitchen. Paper clips can be stored in your home office, and towels can be stored in the bathroom or your linen closet. Keeping things near where they’re used helps the user return them to their appropriate place, further encouraging organizational bliss.

3. Store items according to amount of use. Items that are used occasionally should be stored in less-accessible places. If you dust off the waffle maker once a year, it’s the perfect item to put in the cabinet that juts out over your refrigerator/freezer. Things you use daily (read: flatware and kitchen knives) should be stored in easy-to-reach spots.

At least once a year, do a brief audit of your storage spaces to confirm that they’re meeting your current needs. Make adjustments as needed, and enjoy the journey as you explore and define your version of organizational bliss!

* Photo by Marcelo Moura

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