LuggageSometimes easing into routine life after vacation can feel challenging…so much so that unpacking can take a back seat to everything else, like bills that need paying, a lawn that needs mowing, and a refrigerator that needs filling. But having a packed suitcase hanging around the house can be a recipe for clutter and some early morning confusion when you can’t find your favorite shirt (because it’s still packed). I recently used the following four easy steps to unpack after vacation at a time that was especially busy. By breaking this process into easy steps, the whole experience took just 10 minutes and I was motivated to complete the task at hand. Perhaps these steps will be helpful to a suitcase that needs unpacking near you:

1. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Then open your suitcase on a table, bed, or other piece of furniture so the contents are easy to access.

2. Take any clothing that needs laundering directly to your designated laundry area at home. Bonus points if you start a load in the washing machine right away. Don’t dwadle, though, the clock is ticking!

3. Next, identify where your remaining clothes go, and unpack them accordingly. Take all the clothes that belong in your bureau, remove them from your suitcase, and immediately put them away in said bureau. Don’t just stash them on your bed or in a neatly folded pile on the stairs, or somewhere else. Next, take all of your closet items and stow them in their rightful spots within your closet.

4. Put the suitcase away! No need to have an empty suitcase hanging around your hallway for another week or two.

Congratulations! You’ve unpacked and now you can relax in a hammock, make dinner, or go for a run. Welcome home!

* Photo by Adam Ciesielski

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