Every year during the holiday season, the hubster and I are struck by how perfect strangers go out of their way to be a little kinder to each other and more alert to others’ needs. Whether it’s the sight of donation pails and bell ringers on street corners, the influx of goods at food pantries, or homemade delectables that materialize at your office, the holidays seem to draw out goodness and an abundance of love more so than at other times of the year.

And as I reflect on the true spirit of this season, I’m thankful that Logistically Leah is not simply in existence to glorify weekly menus and address spreadsheets (although these things are quite lovely in their own ways).

Rather, Logistically Leah is intended to simplify those “to do’s” that all of us have so that we can put more of our focus on what’s really important – loving our neighbors as ourselves; leading lives of integrity and honesty; and being thoughtful, productive, alert members of our households, communities, and world.

Let’s continue savoring and sharing the true spirit of this season by actively living it every day. No additional advance planning needed for this endeavor.

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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