schoolIt’s that time of summer when those who are heading off to college begin packing duffel bags and purchasing a variety of electronics for use in their dorm rooms. Before too long it’ll be move-in weekend, and for these students, the beginning of a new life chapter. As a college student, I was a resident assistant in a freshman dormitory. I loved welcoming the freshman class during move-in weekend. For many of these students, that time period was a rite of passage as they left home – some for the first time – to begin a new, independent experience.

Know someone headed off to college for the first time? Perhaps one, some, or all of the following ideas (previously featured on Logistically Leah) will be helpful during their upcoming adventures:

Have additional tips to share? Tell us about them and perhaps they’ll be featured in a future blog post!

* Photo by Tiffany Szerpicki

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