Outdoor trailLooking for a few creative ways to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend? Perhaps one, some, or all of the following ideas will speak to you, your significant other, your family, or friends:

1. Embark on a geocaching expedition. Although the hubster and I have never done it before, rumor has it that it can be quite fun – especially for kids. All you need is a GPS device, a fun item to leave behind, some good walking shoes, and a sense of adventure.

2. Enjoy an outdoor film, concert, or play in your neck of the woods. Hop online or check your local newspaper for outdoor entertainment near you. If it’s permitted, you may wish to bring a citronella candle along with your beach chairs and picnic dinner.

3. Visit a local botanical garden or nature preserve. Bring along a hat, binoculars, and a sketch book.

4. Take a hike or go for a bike ride, jog, or swim. Bonus points if you try a new outdoor activity.

5. Pack a picnic, blanket, and frisbee and head to your nearest local, state, or national park – or a breathtaking meadow, river, or lake. Gold star if your picnic fare has a theme. Extra credit if you leave your picnic area cleaner than it was when you arrived.

* Photo by Eti Swinford

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